marți, 22 noiembrie 2011

The X Files aka My Bags

I think I have a little dwarf (little person) living in my bags. That’s not all. I also think this dude is a thief and I’m planning to catch and expose him to the entire world. Plus… I’ve heard he’s stealing from other girls too and when he’s not stealing, he’s hiding stuff from us (like keys, money, lipsticks, eyeliners, mobile phones while ringing etc) just to make fun of us! He’s evil and we DON’T fancy that! 
So, having in mind everyone's peace of mind, I thought of having “The Anti Bag Dwarf Association”: TABDA!
Enough is enough! During summertime, while looking for my keys in the middle of the street it feels like... being stuck with the Bermuda triangle in my bag, but in wintertime, while I can hardly feel my fingers and every scratch, touch... everything hurts, it’s practically painful.
Example: Last Saturday, I was at Sala Polivalenta standing in line, like everyone else, waiting to get inside; while waiting I thought of taking out my Nivea winter lipstick from my bag. My hands were frozen and I could hardly move. Guess what? It took me almost five minutes to look for it inside the bag, couldn’t find it and gave up because of the frozen hands. When inside, of course I’ve found it in two seconds like it had never missed before.
See my point? The little guy is evil and we must stop it! TABDA!

Ps: Thank you Cristina for always being there for my “cucu” texts! :)

 Didn't know what other photo to use... so here's one with me and my purse in Kristal. Luckily, that time I could find my mobile phone in it! :)
Plus a dedication for the dwarf! :) 

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