marți, 15 noiembrie 2011


What happens when you’re not sure about something but you’re still doing it? You’re a damn gambler, I tell you! You’re gambling your life for reasons like fate, fortune, or just plain adrenalin.
In this case, I’m Lexa, and I’m a gambler.
I LOVE not knowing what’s going to happen, but still taking chances on life. Even when the results are not always as expected I don’t stop and give up, but always try again.
Challenging projects make me dream, wish, want, take a chance and say: “come what may”! I definitely fancy that!
I think life would be boring without a little gambling in it. I’m not talking about ruining your family at the casino, or gambling your house, but about those little things that can change your day.
When someone calls and asks you to join them on a night out to some party you weren’t planning to attend, just say yes. Take a chance. Can’t hurt! And if the result is a boring night don’t mind, just tell yourself that you’ve tried and next time will be better. ;)
Ps: photos in this post are taken by my friends on our nights out, or by me, before going out.

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