luni, 6 februarie 2012

A balcony can make "La Historia"

Good morning everyone!
I know it's monday, and we are all supposed to be sad and nostalgic over the weekend, but i'm ok (at least this week :) ) and i'm not going to hide my good mood. No sir! I'm gonna try to make you get happy go fancy too!
That's why I decided to show you the little place I've fallen in love with this weekend.
A friend of mine opened a new location. It's one of those beautiful architectural places in the Centru Vechi (Old Center) from Bucharest, and it's called La Historia de Sud-America, across the street from The Comedy Theatre.
The location has been opened from 2009, but it's now entering a new step in its party evolution.
What makes La Historia de Sud-America different from other locations: The inside balcony! You will convince yourself if you just go there, but till then, I'm gonna show you the picture I took.
Honestly!  You'll love it! That balcony can make history!
Also, since it was a really great party, I have some nice pics with the other guests, Romanian artists, show producers, music producers... la creme de la creme: Alexandra Ungureanu, Oana Tache, Matteo, Cetin Rasit, Annes, Mayer, dj Almud.!

Kisses from the balcony :)

Me at the balcony