marți, 29 noiembrie 2011

It feels like... Christmas

“I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy”. Hmmm... wrong subject! I wasn’t trying to talk about my after party mornings, but more about a feeling I’ve been having the past two weeks. As if I’m being late for Christmas, or something like that…as if I haven’t prepared anything and X-Mas is like...tomorrow.
So, forget about the P. Diddy mornings and let’s talk about the Christmas “suggestions” surrounding us for some time already.
Of course, as my job requires, I’m also working on the topic (Christmas, I mean), but that didn’t make me think about getting a Christmas tree as soon as today or tomorrow.
Don’t get me wrong! I’m a sucker for Christmas. I’m happy preparing gifts, dinner, decorating the tree! I fancy getting in all that incredible festive mood, BUT it’s still November, people!!!!
I know that in some countries, like Dominican Republic, those who have enough money get a tree in October and celebrate until February, but this is Romania. Until 21 years ago we only had an extremely poor Saint Nicholas and a poor Santa Claus.
Last weekend I woke up listening to Air Supply with Sleigh Ride (really? In November? C’mooon!), went to the hairdresser where some girls were decorating the windows and thought I’m crazy. But then I went to a supermarket and it hit me: they are feeding us WITH the Christmas spirit and they are doing a great job. Right from the entrance an elf tried to make me buy some sweets then a huge Christmas tree, decorated really kitschy caught my attention plus there were plenty of Christmas offers plus the decorations department.
In the end I came to the conclusion we can't escape it. We have to get in the mood right now, or we’ll be outsiders for a month.
Maybe it’s not that bad. Christmas is the best time of the year, or so they say in commercials. Let’s enjoy it! ☺


Ps: Thank you Cristina for.. EVERYTHING!

 Last holidays dress (front)
 Last holidays dress (back)
 Angel in my last Christmas tree
 Aaaaaand a happy song :D - P. Diddy spirit

marți, 22 noiembrie 2011

The X Files aka My Bags

I think I have a little dwarf (little person) living in my bags. That’s not all. I also think this dude is a thief and I’m planning to catch and expose him to the entire world. Plus… I’ve heard he’s stealing from other girls too and when he’s not stealing, he’s hiding stuff from us (like keys, money, lipsticks, eyeliners, mobile phones while ringing etc) just to make fun of us! He’s evil and we DON’T fancy that! 
So, having in mind everyone's peace of mind, I thought of having “The Anti Bag Dwarf Association”: TABDA!
Enough is enough! During summertime, while looking for my keys in the middle of the street it feels like... being stuck with the Bermuda triangle in my bag, but in wintertime, while I can hardly feel my fingers and every scratch, touch... everything hurts, it’s practically painful.
Example: Last Saturday, I was at Sala Polivalenta standing in line, like everyone else, waiting to get inside; while waiting I thought of taking out my Nivea winter lipstick from my bag. My hands were frozen and I could hardly move. Guess what? It took me almost five minutes to look for it inside the bag, couldn’t find it and gave up because of the frozen hands. When inside, of course I’ve found it in two seconds like it had never missed before.
See my point? The little guy is evil and we must stop it! TABDA!

Ps: Thank you Cristina for always being there for my “cucu” texts! :)

 Didn't know what other photo to use... so here's one with me and my purse in Kristal. Luckily, that time I could find my mobile phone in it! :)
Plus a dedication for the dwarf! :) 

marți, 15 noiembrie 2011


What happens when you’re not sure about something but you’re still doing it? You’re a damn gambler, I tell you! You’re gambling your life for reasons like fate, fortune, or just plain adrenalin.
In this case, I’m Lexa, and I’m a gambler.
I LOVE not knowing what’s going to happen, but still taking chances on life. Even when the results are not always as expected I don’t stop and give up, but always try again.
Challenging projects make me dream, wish, want, take a chance and say: “come what may”! I definitely fancy that!
I think life would be boring without a little gambling in it. I’m not talking about ruining your family at the casino, or gambling your house, but about those little things that can change your day.
When someone calls and asks you to join them on a night out to some party you weren’t planning to attend, just say yes. Take a chance. Can’t hurt! And if the result is a boring night don’t mind, just tell yourself that you’ve tried and next time will be better. ;)
Ps: photos in this post are taken by my friends on our nights out, or by me, before going out.

joi, 10 noiembrie 2011

I could have been a great detective

Has somebody ever asked you what was the last book you’ve read? Yes, no?
Well… I’ve been asked and I had the right answer, since I’m definitely a readoholic. Just can’t live without books. I’m some sort of a bookstore stalker. Can’t help but entering every bookstore I encounter.
I FANCY READING, and that’s one more thing that makes me happy!
Anyway, for a couple of years now, my thirst for crime novels has been blossoming like a Japanese garden (please appreciate the comparison). That doesn’t mean I don’t fancy a cheesy chick lit from time to time ;) – YES, i’m a sucker for good romance. But last year, after a period of reading ‘70’s and ‘80’s Romanian crime novels, I have discovered the Scandinavian authors. What a blast! Every subject was dazzling interesting and every book had something to challenge my interest, to make me put myself in the shoes of the detective, journalist, writer, or whatever the main character was.
At one point I had the entire plot figured out from the second chapter, and believe me, that’s not an easy plot to deal with. Didn’t matter if the butler did it, or the crazy neighbor, or the niece of the long dead landlord, I knew it all… or so I think. :D
Right now, the only problem I have is where to put all the books I have since my room is running out of space, but I don’t bitch about it! I’m happy to have it all!
Ps: Enjoy the song. I know I did! ;)
Photo courtesy: My friends Diana & Corina! Thanks girls! :*

Reading EVERYWHERE - even when in team-building 
A good companion, for a good book.
On a weekend break with my friends
The crazy Scandinavian collection:

luni, 7 noiembrie 2011


Relax, take a deep breath, listen to the song below and enjoy my remember session. :)

Ten years ago, I was in Club Space at around 2’o’clock in the night when a friend of mine told me about his project, the first Romanian clubbing site:
Next days we’ve talked some more and at one point while I was bla-blaing about how wrong Romanian people dress for clubbing, he asked me: “Why don’t you stop bitching about it and start writing your opinions?”, and that’s how “Clubbing Fashion by Lexa” began it’s journey.
What came next? Well… Every week, on Friday, I started sending articles to my friends at . Apparently people liked my impertinent remarks and that very piece of mind I was putting in a Word document to send at Nights made a difference. I guess talking my mind did well. We soon got rid of those awful all black outfits and sweaters at the club. That made my happy :) (Honestly! Do you remember the yucky Prisma black with a centered red stripe sweaters accessorized with a “refill” water bottle from the club’s bathroom? And the silver space cowboy hats?) :D
Anyway, my point is that although working and finishing my studies at the time, that little article, planning it, writing it, running around the city, studding shops and comparing prices, made me happy. I didn’t have the designer’s diploma, or the stylist’s experience, but I had my experience and a doze of common sense, PLUS I fancied writing all my opinions without being censured.
Here are some pics - courtesy of :)
Red stripe on the extreme right. 
 Aaaand again with the red stripe :D

ps: sorry I couldn't find pics with the silver space cowboys hats.

Nowadays, @ Sunwaves August 2011 - over 20.000 people wearing fancy outfits and accessories!

marți, 1 noiembrie 2011

Happy Go Fancy

I could have named this blog "the pursuit of happiness", but Will Smith had a head start and now i'm left with the need of a name for my blog.
How do I choose it? Well, i'm thinking... essence! And what's my essence? Happiness.
Some philosophers say that the most common wish people make is: to be happy and I.. agree. I want to be happy, I want to feel joy in everyday life, no matter what I do, whom I meet, how many chores I have.
There is a movie I've enjoyed, that gave answers to some of my questions. Apparently others had the same questions and appreciated this movie just as much as I did. I'm talking about "Happy Go Lucky", a motion picture that made me think "come what may".
You're by now reading my post and questioning my sanity, or the quantity of alcohol I've been drinking before writing it. No, there's no mistake, I'm not crazy and unfortunately I haven't been drinking.. yet :D. I'm not looking for luck, but for a little bit of fancy happy. Furthermore, I also fancy happiness. ;)
Every post on this blog will have sparks of life, happenings, events, dreams, fashion, party and... me, yours truly: Lexa! And... that's a promise!

ps: pictures in this post are beautiful gifts from my friends, Diana and Theo via Laura. Thank you.