joi, 10 noiembrie 2011

I could have been a great detective

Has somebody ever asked you what was the last book you’ve read? Yes, no?
Well… I’ve been asked and I had the right answer, since I’m definitely a readoholic. Just can’t live without books. I’m some sort of a bookstore stalker. Can’t help but entering every bookstore I encounter.
I FANCY READING, and that’s one more thing that makes me happy!
Anyway, for a couple of years now, my thirst for crime novels has been blossoming like a Japanese garden (please appreciate the comparison). That doesn’t mean I don’t fancy a cheesy chick lit from time to time ;) – YES, i’m a sucker for good romance. But last year, after a period of reading ‘70’s and ‘80’s Romanian crime novels, I have discovered the Scandinavian authors. What a blast! Every subject was dazzling interesting and every book had something to challenge my interest, to make me put myself in the shoes of the detective, journalist, writer, or whatever the main character was.
At one point I had the entire plot figured out from the second chapter, and believe me, that’s not an easy plot to deal with. Didn’t matter if the butler did it, or the crazy neighbor, or the niece of the long dead landlord, I knew it all… or so I think. :D
Right now, the only problem I have is where to put all the books I have since my room is running out of space, but I don’t bitch about it! I’m happy to have it all!
Ps: Enjoy the song. I know I did! ;)
Photo courtesy: My friends Diana & Corina! Thanks girls! :*

Reading EVERYWHERE - even when in team-building 
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  1. Un vin roze,lumina moale si o carte ...pot sa intru in lumea ta ? <3 Eu din cele trei,sunt lumina moale..dar pot sa fiu si o melodie buna.