luni, 7 noiembrie 2011


Relax, take a deep breath, listen to the song below and enjoy my remember session. :)

Ten years ago, I was in Club Space at around 2’o’clock in the night when a friend of mine told me about his project, the first Romanian clubbing site:
Next days we’ve talked some more and at one point while I was bla-blaing about how wrong Romanian people dress for clubbing, he asked me: “Why don’t you stop bitching about it and start writing your opinions?”, and that’s how “Clubbing Fashion by Lexa” began it’s journey.
What came next? Well… Every week, on Friday, I started sending articles to my friends at . Apparently people liked my impertinent remarks and that very piece of mind I was putting in a Word document to send at Nights made a difference. I guess talking my mind did well. We soon got rid of those awful all black outfits and sweaters at the club. That made my happy :) (Honestly! Do you remember the yucky Prisma black with a centered red stripe sweaters accessorized with a “refill” water bottle from the club’s bathroom? And the silver space cowboy hats?) :D
Anyway, my point is that although working and finishing my studies at the time, that little article, planning it, writing it, running around the city, studding shops and comparing prices, made me happy. I didn’t have the designer’s diploma, or the stylist’s experience, but I had my experience and a doze of common sense, PLUS I fancied writing all my opinions without being censured.
Here are some pics - courtesy of :)
Red stripe on the extreme right. 
 Aaaand again with the red stripe :D

ps: sorry I couldn't find pics with the silver space cowboys hats.

Nowadays, @ Sunwaves August 2011 - over 20.000 people wearing fancy outfits and accessories!

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  1. A trecut un weekend,o luna,un an si tot asa.As vrea sa postez fotografia cu evolutia omului.Am invatat sa ne imbracam,sa zambim...dar vorba aia "pe afara-i vopsit gardul,inauntru-i leopardul"
    Imi plac persoanele frumoase,o sa ma limitez la ele.Bv. Lexa,m-am bucurat de acest articol. :)