marți, 1 noiembrie 2011

Happy Go Fancy

I could have named this blog "the pursuit of happiness", but Will Smith had a head start and now i'm left with the need of a name for my blog.
How do I choose it? Well, i'm thinking... essence! And what's my essence? Happiness.
Some philosophers say that the most common wish people make is: to be happy and I.. agree. I want to be happy, I want to feel joy in everyday life, no matter what I do, whom I meet, how many chores I have.
There is a movie I've enjoyed, that gave answers to some of my questions. Apparently others had the same questions and appreciated this movie just as much as I did. I'm talking about "Happy Go Lucky", a motion picture that made me think "come what may".
You're by now reading my post and questioning my sanity, or the quantity of alcohol I've been drinking before writing it. No, there's no mistake, I'm not crazy and unfortunately I haven't been drinking.. yet :D. I'm not looking for luck, but for a little bit of fancy happy. Furthermore, I also fancy happiness. ;)
Every post on this blog will have sparks of life, happenings, events, dreams, fashion, party and... me, yours truly: Lexa! And... that's a promise!

ps: pictures in this post are beautiful gifts from my friends, Diana and Theo via Laura. Thank you.

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