joi, 12 ianuarie 2012

The little girl that wouldn’t

This is the story of a “little” girl that wouldn’t go to the mountains (ok, I admit it. I’m not that little anymore, but bear with my fantasy). Truth be told, she just hates cold.
Here it goes: after a lot of talking at the office, her team decided that is mandatory that they all take this one-day trip to some locations in the mountains that they were interested in. You know the say: location, location, location!
Although fighting to postpone the trip (indefinitely) in the end the little girl had to accept the fact that this trip was a must. She cried her eyes out a night before (ok, she didn’t cried. I’m over dramatic here, but I really hate cold) and woke up early in the morning to join her colleagues on this ride.
After two hours of very interesting conversations (I hope my boss is reading this right now) the team arrived in Sinaia, where guess what: not only was there cold, but also it started snowing, big, fat, snowflakes!
Ok, said the little girl, let’s check this location and get the “darn” out of here.
And this is the part where the plot is 100% changing.
They “climbed” at 1.400 m on the mountain and there they found a magical place, packed with happy people and jolly pets.
Although freezing to death, the little girl adored playing with the cute dogs and stopped for one second form checking and replying her e-mail to take a deep fresh air breath and enjoy the amazing view. She was literally swept off her feet.
Step two, check out Predeal: So, they all jumped in the car and went to Predeal to see the Clabucet slope.
The place was magical. Thousand of people on skies and boards waiting in line to go up the mountain, a wonderful terrace and cute bar serving hot wine, all happening in nature’s own surrealistic snow globe.
The little girl totally forgot about being cold, and just enjoyed the sublime feeling of… happy go fancy.
Now she’s back home, in Bucharest, writing you this story, and she just can’t wait for the next time she’ll relive that white, pure happiness. 
Beautiful view

 Beautiful view part 2 :)

 Up, up at 1.400 m @ Sinaia. It was windy!

Getting warm in Predeal

 Funny little guys (the dogs I mean)
Really cold in Predeal

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