marți, 24 ianuarie 2012

How will I stop the Alpacalipse!

Let’s set things straight from the beginning. This is a crazy story, totally inspired from reality… in some parts.
Words around say there’s a war coming. Nighttime is preparing for a big fight known as the Alpacalipse (they say the war consists in 1000000 alpacas attacking the world, and yes, the emblem is an angry alpaca! * see picture below)
Apparently 2 a.m. is totally pissed with midnight’s high place and wants to fight midnight and take its place.
You remember in Cinderella that things happened at midnight?
Well… I’m no Cinderella, but honestly now… Shit happens after 2.00 a.m.! Seriously! 2 a.m. is the hour we never speak about, it’s what we call: the doomed hour. (Do you feel pity yet for the poor hour?)
Ok. At midnight we have… Cinderella, with her pumpkin, her chalice, her doves and good fairies! We have the club cheaper entries! We have happy shots, we have “Happy New Year Hour” aaaand it’s my birthday hour!
That’s why 2 a.m. is pissed off. No one ever says anything about 2 a.m. No one ever sets things around that hour (have you ever heard someone saying “Yeah! I’ll meet you there at 2 a.m.”?). They’ve made stories about midnight. Never about 2 a.m.. They’ve written odes to midnight. No ode for 2 a.m..
Some are even scared to take decisions after 2 a.m. because there’s a legend saying that all that’s decided after this particular hour it’s doomed!
You can see by now why 2 a.m. is so angry, but in the end… Let me try to solve this conflict and save us all from the horrible Alpacalipse, by having a heart to heart conversation with 2 a.m..
Dear 2 a.m. Stop wanting to be the midnight when you actually do the most amazing thing for million of clubbers all over the world. You are that spectacular hour when the guest dj starts playing at the club. People love you for that. There are people who sleep till 2 a.m. especially for that moment, people who have an incredible date with you, 2 a.m., for that soul moment. You have already beaten midnight, because you know what? Those people, who hurry up to pay their midnight ticket price, do it only to be there at that meeting with you!
Yeah! I’m good! I know! ;)
And here’s our angry alpaca! J
Hi! Hi! Hi!
And as a bonus, this lovely knitted sweater made from alpaca wool! (I don't know that for sure, but that's why we have imagination for. let's pretend it's from alpaca wool) :)

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