vineri, 4 mai 2012

A swedish experience

It's been a loong week, not over yet, with a even longer thursday. We, at ProFM, are working on the craziest concert ever. We've taken one of Romania's most beloved bands, Voltaj, and organized a live concert with them in a Metro (underground) train. The surprise element? We don't stay in the train station during this concert.. no, no, no. The train is on its usual course. It's moving, from Berceni, to Pipera, and back. It's a moving concert! Check THIS out! Everyone's invited, next thursday, May 10th. Meeting point @ Berceni Metro station, at 21.00h. Bucharest.

Back to our title post, as I was saying, this thursday has been a long working thursday. Thought it would end with a usual couch potato status, for me, but was surprised by a call from a friend who invited me to the Bastilia Librarium, to attend a late Swedish Poetry Seminary.

Although tired, and not a Swedish speaker... I went... and I don't regret it.
I've met wonderful people, heard a beautiful poetry reading in swedish, by the phenomenal interactive and great orator, Leif Olsson, watched the talented romanian actress Ruxandra Sireteanu impersonating the poetry and adored every word from Thomas Trantromer's masterpieces (for those who don't know, Transtrometer won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2011).

Anyway, to sum it up. I've had a lovely time, confirming my soft spot for Sweden, and its writers.
Here are some photos.
ps: Corina and Oana... You're on the blog. :D Shoot me! :p

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